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This is a red blood cell.

Latest Work

Glossary and Translation Memory Read More

Claire Wright worked on establishing a glossary and a translation memory for a major contract research organization (CRO). The glossary and the translation memory are used as reference documents for future translations by numerous translators. Most of the terms were highly technical and cover a wide range of topics (for example, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes). The files were validated by several reviewers and accepted by the client. As a result, Claire Wright is now their preferred translator and proofreader.

Summaries of Product Characteristics  Read More

Claire Wright worked on summaries of product characteristics for anti-cancer drugs for numerous clients. The background information covered the molecular mechanisms of the drugs. The source document was sometimes ambiguous with sections that could have several meanings depending on the context. Since Claire Wright has a clear understanding of the drug interaction with the cell molecules, she could translate the text accurately and without hesitation. When she was asked by the reviewer whether she was certain of her translation of the ambiguous source, she was able to back it up with technical references, leaving no doubt about the accuracy of the product.

Whatever The Deadline, Nothing Lost to Translation Read More

Claire Wright worked on a very large project for a major public health organization consisting of sets of HIV prevention campaign training documents for Africa. It included training manuals, program contents, and participants’ manuals. The project continued for months as it contained more than ten thousand words.

Claire Wright responded to the client’s questions, made revisions accordingly and justified the use of particular terms. The client was particularly satisfied with the result of Claire Wright’s work and for the second part of the same project, she was in charge of the translation: the client recognized her knowledge of the materials, was confident she would respect the tone, and be consistent with the terms previously used. The second part of the project also contained thousands of words and lasted two months. She strictly respected all interim deadlines and delivered a finished product that once again satisfied the client. For this reason, she became the preferred translator for this public health organization on the topics of H1N1 flu, the Haiti crisis, and cholera epidemics.

Accuracy, from Start to Finish Read More

Claire Wright feels strongly about timely and accurate completion of a project. If possible, she wants to see the finished product. For this reason, when she was asked to edit a cognitive questionnaire that she had translated after others had made further modifications, she readily accepted.

She learns from reading the changes made by the proofreader or the reviewer, and will use this knowledge for her next project. Once the editing was done and accepted by the client, the document was formatted to its definitive form. At this stage she was asked to proofread the formatted product against the validated language and the source. This step is crucial to ensuring that the final document is error free and strictly respects the source. Claire Wright takes advantage of this stage of the process to gain experience and a better understanding of the client’s needs. Finally she takes great satisfaction in the opportunity to follow a project through each step of the writing and editing process.

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